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The design of the S-7 originated out of the need to train Coyote I pilots; so the cockpit was set up the same with throttle left, stick in the middle. Named the Courier in honor of one of my favorite planes, The Helio Courier, the S-7 must have inherited some Helio spirit, since it also is very STOL.


Built with keeping-it-simple in mind the original plane weighed in at only 390 pounds with a 503 Rotax. It flew very well for the low horsepower, but soon was fitted to the 65 HP 532.


Over the years the basic plane stayed true to form, a light, simple plane, with traditional construction, minus the traditional headaches. However, in 2001 the S-7C, a much-refined version, was certified under the primary category. This plane represents 7 years of process to obtain the Type Certificate. In 2003 we introduced the S-7S, the kit form of the "C", and enjoy strong sales of this very much-refined fun flyer. The S-7S also complies with the new Sport Plane Rule.


Because the S-7S complies with the standards for sport planes we will be able to offer this plane in ready to fly form. Designated the S-7LS, this form of a ready to fly Courier is in production with deliveries being made all over the USA and beyond.


For $89,000 you can purchase a fully equipped S-7LS, with such amenities, as Garmin moving map GPS/COM, and Transponder. The S-7LS is a practical plane as well as a fun sport plane.


If you have the desire to build, the S-7S is a kit like few others. The level of detail to the manual, finish and quality of parts, and refined level of design will reinforce what a sound investment in sport flying the S-7S is. When completed you will have built your own version of our certified Courier. the enjoyment and value of this expereince with be affirmed every time you open the throttle and the wheels quickly leave the ground, placing you at the stick of the new classic in town.






  • 4130 welded fuselage and tail frames
  • Tubular aluminum wing structure
  • Pitot static system
  • Acrylic Molded Windshield
  • Cabin skylight
  • Aero-Servo Differential ailerons
  • Ball bearing aircraft control pulleys
  • Cable operated rudder and ailerons
  • Push-pull tube operated elevator
  • Double stainless steel tail braces
  • Pre-drilled streamline aluminum struts
  • Adjustable aft lift strut
  • 4130 streamline jury struts
  • Exit fairings for control rods and cables
  • Molded wing tips
  • 26 Gallon fuel system (13 gal. in each wing with sight gauges), Flush Fuel Caps
  • 60” wide curved doors on each side with double vents
  • Upholstered adjustable seats
  • 4-point lap and shoulder belts w/front seat inertia reel
  • Dual controls: throttles, control sticks, rudder pedals, brakes
  • Electric elevator trim mounted to forward control stick with indicator on panel
  • 2-position flaps
  • Spring steel landing gear with fairings
  • Hydraulic 6.00 X 6 wheels and brakes
  • Full-swivel steerable tailwheel
  • Park brake
  • Baggage compartment
  • Control stick torque-tube upholstered covers
  • Station 3 bulkhead closeout
  • Aft rudder cable guard
  • Side mounted battery service hatch
  • AN hardware and fasteners
  • Throttle guard 
  • 1-piece fiberglass boot cowl with flush joggle seams for cowling
  • Pre-cut floor boards w/aluminum wear plate
  • Placards and decals
  • Pre-fabricated battery cables
  • Monster gear bushings






  • Stainless Steel Firewall
  • 2-piece fiberglass cowl with 1/4 turn fasteners & oil check door
  • 13” Spinner
  • Dyna Focal engine mount
  • Stainless steel exhaust system
  • Cooling system
  • Hardware
  • Pre-assembled oil lines with fire sleeves, fuel lines and  fittings
  • Carburetor heat
  • Muffler style heat
  • ACS ignition switch
  • Pre-fabricated starter and ground cables


The S-7S Courier is a FAA Approved 51% Kit in Standard or Quick Build Form – No welding required.



  • BUILD TIME: 500-700 HOURS
  • PAPER COPY (available at extra cost)
























Airframe Kit Less Firewall Forward

Airframe Kit including all Standard Features
      (available as a Taildragger only)




Rotax 912S ULS install kit (less engine)
Includes everything to install engine:
engine mount, fuel lines, oil and water system, heater, carb-heat, spinner, and cowling. ACS ignition switch. Pre-fabricated starter and ground cables.

(Does not include engine, propeller, or propeller installation hardware.)




Rotax 912 ULS (100 hp) available factory new.
Due to currency fluctuation, prices are updated frequently. Please call for current pricing.




  • 2-Blade Sensenich ground adjustable composite
  • 3-Blade Sensenich ground adjustable composite
  • 3-Blade Warp Drive ground adjustable w/HP-L hub




      The S-7S Quick Build Option Includes:

  • Fuselage welded, internal corrosion protection added,
    powder coated, covered, battery box and access door
    installed and fitted
  • Baggage assembled, aft floor boards drilled
  • Wings assembled, covered, wires for AVEO LED Strobes installed, fuel system installed, with fuel lines plumbed and
    ready to integrate into fuselage.
  • COM and ELT antenna mounts installed
  • Gear legs pre-drilled
  • Flaps and ailerons, assembled and covered
  • Tail frames powder coated, assembled and covered
  • Door frames powder coated, and covered

Quick Build available with 2 or 3 color paint options




  • Monster Gear Option: (Bush tire option recommended)




The S-7S Courier comes standard with 6.00x6 hydraulic wheels and brakes.


  • Bush Option: 8.00 X 6 mains & Bush Tailwheel



  • Powder coated fuselage, tail frames, & door frames
    (Included in quick build option)   

  • Internal corrosion protection
    (Included in quick build option)



Standard upholstery includes seat covers in gray Velvet fabric. Headrests are not available or recommended for the S-7S.


  • Non-standard Upholstery Color
  • Wedge Seat Option (front seat only)



  • Paper Copy Manual
  • Gascolator
  • Winterization kit
  • Rear Seat Electric Elevator Trim
  • Canopy Cover
  • Carbon Fiber Cowling     
  • Carbon Fiber Boot Cowl
  • Carbon Fiber Wing Tips
  • AVEO Strobes



PARTIAL KITS               




(Manuals, log books, raw stock, etc.)



(Main structure, fuel tanks, close outs, ribs, jigs, lift struts, jury struts, ailerons, & flaps, wing tips, etc.)


(Fuselage, formers, main gear, wheels and brakes,
rudder pedals, tail section, tail wheel, control stick
assembly, baggage compartment, boot cowl, ELT
mount plate, floor boards, wear plates, hardware, Pre-fabricated battery cables, etc.)



(Covering supplies, fabric, closeouts, wing tips etc)



(Seats, seatbelts, station 3 closeout, control covers, placards, windshield, jack mounts and cabin fuel System, etc.)



Rotax 912 ULS install kit (less engine)
Includes everything to install engine:
stainless steel firewall, engine mount, fuel lines, oil and water system, heater, carb-heat, spinner, and cowling. ACS ignition switch.
Pre-fabricated starter and ground cables.

(Does not include engine, propeller, or propeller installation hardware.)



Crating/packing costs are included in pricing; Countries requiring treated wood subject to additional crating fee.


All orders are shipped freight collect unless prior arrangements have been made to pre-pay shipping.  Customer pick-ups welcome. See “Shipping Information” page.


















SPECIFICATIONS                          100HP

Wing Span                                                  29 ft 3 in
Area                                                         147.1 sq ft
Mean Chord                                                        5 ft
Aspect                                                            5.85:1
Length                                                       23 ft 3 in
Height                                                          6 ft 3 in
Cockpit Width                                                  30 in
Headroom   Front/Rear                            42 in/36 in
Legroom Front/Rear                             41.5 in/40 in
Number of Seats                                                      2
Doors                                                                      2
Landing Gear *                                                 F/TD
Baggage Volume                                        10 cubic ft
Baggage Capacity                                             50 lbs
Fuel Capacity                                             26 gal US


POWER PLANT                         912 ULS

Engine                                              Rotax 912 ULS
Output                                                           100 hp
Oil Capacity                                                   3.0 qts
Coolant Capacity                                            4.4 qts
Propeller Diameter                                           70 in
Propeller Type                               ground adjustable
Gear Reduction                                                1:2.43
Fuel G.P.H @ 75%.                                              5.0



Take Off Roll                                                  325 ft
Rate of Climb                                              850 fpm
Service Ceiling                                            14,500 ft
Cruise                                                          110 mph
VNE                                                            130 mph
Stall Clean                                                     39 mph
Stall Flaps                                                     33 mph
Roll Rate                                                      70o / sec
Glide Ratio                                                           8:1
Landing Roll                                                    340 ft
Endurance                                                     5.2 hrs
Range                                                         572 miles



Gross Weight                                               1320 lbs
Empty Weight                                               732 lbs
Useful Load                                                    588 lbs
Wing Loading                                                 8.9 lbs
Power Loading                                                 13.20
Limit Load Factors                                            +4-2


*F/TD = Fixed Taildragger









Coming Soon. . .
















  1. What tire sizes are available?
  2. What is the Monster Gear option?
  3. What about floats?
  4. What other covering systems have you considered?
  5. Is there any long range fuel options?
  6. What other engine options are available?
  7. Do the wings fold or swing?
  8. What aerobatic maneuvers are approved?
  9. What about spins?
  10. What props do you recommend for the 912ULS?
  11. Will there be a 914 Option?
  12. Is an auto-pilot a good idea?
  13. Can you fly with doors open or off?
  14. How many inches fore and aft to the seats adjust?
  15. What is the shortest and tallest person to fit?
  16. Is it a full swivel tailwheel and steerable?
  17. What about a wheel pant option?
  18. Can you build it with all glass doors?
  19. How well does the cabin heater work?
  20. How much crosswind can the Courier handle?
  21. Can I buy it in partial kits?
  22. Is there a quick build kit?
  23. Can you buy the Courier ready to fly?



  1. Q. What tire sizes are available?
    A. The stock tire for the tailwheel Courier is 6x800. These weigh 17.7 pounds each and are about 20” in diameter.  Alaskan Bushwheels up to 26” are an option (25.9 pounds each) adding 16.2 pounds. The Matco 10” wheels are also 26” in diameter and add 16 pounds. The 10” Matco option requires different rims. This can be ordered as original equipment or a separate option.

  2. Q. What is the Monster Gear option?
    A. The monster gear is our response to those who want a more extreme STOL plane. Using traditional “Cub” type gear design, but with steel springs vs. bungee, we feel have created a landing gear that will withstand the most extreme bush flying. This option will adapt to most all versions of the Courier. This option will add about 8 pounds.

  3. Q. What about floats?
    A. Yes! The Courier should be an excellent float plane, and we have included in all Courier bushings to mount floats. These are welded into the fuselage at station 3.

  4. Q. What other covering systems have you considered?
    A. The Oracover 6000 is a viable system. We have experimented with pre-sewn envelopes, but at this time do not have an offering in the pre-sewn form. The Courier can be ordered minus the stock covering to allow the builder to explore other options.

  5. Q. Is there any long range fuel options?
    A. No, the current 26 gallon system is the max fuel capacity available.

  6. Q. What other engine options are available?
    A. We will have install kits for:  Rotax 914, and possibly the Lycoming 0-233.

  7. Q. Do the wings fold or swing?
    A. No, although the rear spar is attached with a universal joint, the wings do not fold or swing back.

  8. Q. What aerobatic maneuvers are approved?
    A. Aerobatics with the Courier should only be considered if wearing a parachute, and if the plane is equipped with a G-meter and the pilot is experienced in aerobatics. During our testing we perform a number of maneuvers, these include: Spins, loops, barrel and snap rolls, Cuban 8’s, chandelles, hammerheads, and whip stalls.

  9. Q. What about spins?
    A. Spin testing of the Courier shows prompt recovery with conventional input.

  10. Q. What props do you recommend for the 912ULS?
    A. We use 3 blade props and like either of these two choices.  For the least cost and most durability the Warp Drive is hard to beat. For just a slight increase in performance, weight reduction the Whirlwind 72” Razor is a great choice.

  11. Q. Will there be a 914 Option?
    A. Yes, we will have an install kit for this option.

  12. Q. Is an auto-pilot a good idea?
    A. The Courier tracks a course with rudder input only, and holds trim speed very well, so an autopilot will have an easy time flying the plane, as does the organic autopilot. An auto pilot should control the rudder for wings level and heading in the Courier.

  13. Q. Can you fly with doors open or off?
    A. Quick pins hold on the doors for easy removal, and flight with the doors removed is approved, however there is no need to remove the doors, instead just fly with them open. It is recommended to open doors at or below 65 MPH and not to exceed 100 MPH.

  14. Q. How many inches fore and aft to the seats adjust?
    A. 2.25” inches

  15. Q. What is the shortest and tallest person to fit?
    A. Pilots from 5’ to 6’ 6” have fit.

  16. Q. Is it a full swivel tailwheel and steerable?
    Yes, the tail wheel features a cam that kicks out the steering when displaced far enough to the left or right.

  17. Q. What about a wheel pant option?
    We currently do not have an option for wheel pants.

  18. Q. Can you build it with all glass doors?

  19. Q. How well does the cabin heater work?
    Down to 20 degrees the cabin heat keeps up.

  20. Q. How much crosswind can the Courier handle?
    In the right hands the Courier will handle 20 knots at 90 degrees, typically 15 knots at 90 degrees.

  21. Q. Can I buy it in partial kits?
    Yes, please consult our online order sheet for the latest in options and prices.

  22. Q. Is there a quick build kit?
    A. Yes! You can order your Courier with wings, tail, fuselage and doors covered and even painted. This saves about 500 hours of build time.

  23. Q. Can you buy the Courier ready to fly?
    Yes! We offer a SLSA version of the Courier.  Consult our online pricing sheet for details about this offering.




  1. All orders are shipped freight collect unless prior arrangements have been made to prepay the shipping. We welcome customer pickups. However there are charges if the loading requires service above what we would normally give loading a common carrier. You will be charged accordingly for staking and anchoring and any spectial lifting. Labor rates on special loads are $80/hour. 1-hour minimum.

  2. All kits are secured in wooden crates. This is included in the base price of each kit including the quick build options. *See #4 Foreign Special Shipements for special fee

  3. Domestic Shipments: Unless prior arrangements have been made, we will choose the carrier for your shipment. RANS is a high-volume shipper privileged with generous freight discounts. We can save you some freight costs by choosing the right carrier.

  4. Foreign Shipments: We are very flexible on arrangements for foreign shipments. We can make the arrangements, obain quotes, and try to find for you the best service for the price. We deal with numerous freight forwarders every month and can route a shipment however you prefer. *There is a $500 crating fee for foreign countries that require special handling due to treated wood. Additional crating fees apply to off shore shipements. $500 for each large crate and $200 for small crates.

  5. Freight on domestic shipments is charged by weight. Foreign shipments by ocean or air are charged by size and/or weight (dimensional weight). For you use in obtaining quotes or planning for pickup or delivery of your kit, here are the sizes and domensions of the shipping packages. All engines are packed seperately and sizes for those are also listed below.


  • S-7S Courier Kit
    (1) Wooden Crate - 228" X 35" X 72" @ 1200 lbs.

  • S-7S Quick Build
    (1) Wooden Crate - 228" X 35" X 72" @ 1000 lbs (fuselage)
    (1) Wooden Crate - 169" X 25" X 61" @ 550 lbs (wings)

    *Estimates for standard kits. Add 30% to 50% for Quick Build Kits.



    Special Notes on Crate Sizes

  1. All engines are shipped seperately. Box sizes area as follows:
    for 447, 503, or 582; 27" X 14" X 20" @ 100lbs.
    for 012 or 912S: 36" X 31" X 25" @ 230 lbs.

  2. The height is the maximum height over the tail. On some models the entire crate is not this high. However, for all foreign shipments, this height must be used to figure dimensional weight.

RANS Designs, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in prices, specifications, or models, or add improvements at any time without notice or obligation.