None nicer!


1992 Rans S–10 N323BW

Completed 1998
Refurbished 2007
242 hrs TT
93 hrs engine

582 Rotax greyhead w/ upgraded crank and water pump

Electric start

Inverted fuel system w/ header tank

Electric fuel pump

Primer system


Warp Drive 2-blade ground adjustable prop (recently refurbished at factory) Upgraded landing gear w/ fairings and wheel pants


Streamline footsteps Aileron spades


New Stits fabric and paint All new lexan w/ thicker windshield (center support bar removed for visibility)


Adjustable cabin air vents in bottom windows Custom vented fuel caps


Matco hydraulic brakes w/ parking brake Simpson 5 point harness


New wing root gap seal New main battery


BRS 1050 ( inspected and repacked 3/11)  Garmin GTX-320 w/ encoder


King 99 VHF w/ external antenna ELT w/ remote panel


ASI / ALT / VSI G meter


Vertical compass card Inclinometer


Water temp Dual CHT


Dual EGT Volt meter


Analog and digital tachs Hobbs meter


Fire extinguisher All AD’s complied with


Fresh conditional (9/2/12)


Contact Jeff Mountain at:

(817) 938-3184

pilot99@ver izon.net

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